Experience The Thrill...


At Jet Flight Simulator Adelaide you'll take control of this state of the art flight simulator based on the world's most popular airliner, the Boeing 737.


As soon as you enter you'll be sitting in the Captain's seat. Your personal instructor will act as your First Officer, guiding you throughout your entire journey.


Perform as many take-offs and landings as possible, or fly a real-world route in real time - the choice is yours Captain!


You could take off from Paris at night, fly under the Sydney Harbour Bridge at dusk, or try the infamous Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong.  Sounds too easy?  How about a touch-and-go landing on an Aircraft Carrier in the middle of the ocean, or adding an engine failure to see how you perform under pressure!


First we'll start with some basics, then it's up to you to decide where we fly.  We have 22,000 airports to choose from.  Not sure?  Don't worry, we have some great suggestions.


We cater each session to each customer.  So whether you have no previous flying experience or you're a seasoned pro, we're there to ensure you make the most of your flying experience.


Want to know more? Just give Steve a call on 0447 737 000, we're available to take calls everyday between 10am and 9pm.

Disclaimer:  We would like to inform our customers that whilst our simulator closely resembles a Boeing 737 aircraft, it is not and should not be referred to as one. The Boeing Aircraft Company of Seattle owns the  Trademarks "Boeing" and "737". Our simulator is not endorsed by Boeing.

You're the Captain!


13-23 UNLEY ROAD - UNLEY - ADELAIDE   |   TELEPHONE: 0447 737 000   |   EMAIL: contact@jetsim.com.au